Saying Richard Harper’s art is detail-oriented is like calling the sun slightly bright.

The trait permeates his life and his art, images that one artist describes as abstract surrealism created with strong texture, and refined technique. His work transforms the principles of design, and his sense of organization leads to vivid, yet subtle layers of composition.

His Signature Sphere

The sphere has always shown up in Richard’s work. Whether he placed it there deliberately or not, it appears to have a life of its own. 

About Richard Harper

Early mentoring for Richard was provided by educator and master painter Otis O. Lumpkin. Otis saw promise in Richard as an artist. He taught Richard basic design principles and introduced him to oil painting. At the insistence of Otis, Richard left for ETSU in Commerce, TX, where Richard studied with such renowned artists as Paul Kelpe, Ph. D., Keith Long, and Lee Anne Miller. Richard attained a B.S. in Fine Art and taught intaglio printmaking as a graduate assistant.

While in Commerce, Richard had a rather auspicious introduction to the art world. As an undergraduate, Richard won the print division of the 1968 Annual Senior Show. His oil painting, “Until Then,” was chosen to be part of the prestigious Texas Annual Painting and Sculpture Show at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. While at the museum, “Until Then” was purchased by a Dallas area art collector, Robert Butler. That same painting was chosen, along with a few other pieces from the museum exhibit, to be part of an art presentation at HemisFair in San Antonio.

In 1969, Richard was taken into the Vietnam Era draft. It was not until many years later that Richard re-entered the world as a full-time artist.